Penny Buek

October 2, 2012

Dear Friends,

I’d like to tell you about Teddy Van Vale. He is our president and the pastor of Christian Lord      Ministries.    In 1984, C.L.M. Outreach was founded, and it was Teddy that made it happen. Helping to provide those in need with comfort, friendship, and counsel, he is nothing less than a warrior spirit.

Teddy has used his innumerable gifts and talents to reach and touch the hearts and lives of others. He has taken the word of God and created a musical ministry to reach those in retirement communities as well as in the prison system here in Topeka.

Teddy has a long history and musical background. He has performed in the past with B.B. King and on stage with the Staple Singers. With this talent he has devoted himself to using it for the good of others and to spread the word of God. Whether it is through words, music, or a simple gift of food or clothing, he has been able to touch so many lives. He refuses to stop trying until every last person is fed, clothed, and comforted.

C.L.M. Outreach ministers in word and song to prisoners housed in Topeka, Kansas at the correctional facilities, and at several nursing care facilities. We partner with Harvesters Organization out of Kansas City, Missouri to offer a mass food give-away every other month in our community. We have a monthly commodity distribution for seniors and also pregnant women who are unable to get food assistance under other programs. We also have a yearly cultural event that feed several hundred people including many children in need, giving them food and clothing. Also through our Ravyn Quest Program, we offer drug and alcohol abuse intervention and prevention.

In the recent past we have viewed the wonderful work that you have done through the Pulpit that has been afforded you through your Project. We bless you for your faithfulness in your jobs. We humbly pray that you will find our ministry as a very blessed, entity for the encouragement of others that ate of caring hearts for a hurting world. We pray that you will consider our Outreach as an important help. Please help us to continue helping the needy of our community and the world.

I would hope you would have friends that would also donate to our effort; we would follow your lead in this.

Teddy received the Capitol Citizens Award in 2008. The Rev. Wayne L. Franklin Religion Award January 14, 2012. Living the Dream, Inc. recognized and honored him at their 27th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday celebration. He also received the American Pastor’s Award February 12, 2012. He was chosen Sunflower Hero February 7, 2012, for his good works, and with his humble acceptance of the honors he also vowed to continue making change and creating goodness in the community. He has devoted his life to helping others, and we are proud to have him as our president.

We invite you to visit our websites: or

You can contact Pastor Teddy Van Vale by calling 785-266-4979 or email

Sincerely in Christ

Penny Buek

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